Aerodactyl - World Square CBD Dural

Abrok - Five Dock, Meadowbank

Bellsprout - The tree in chinatown, Five Dock, Auburn, Meadowbank Showground Castle Hill

Beedrill - Meadowbank (Rare) Rhodes

Bulbasaur - Quakers Hill, Five Dock, Condell Park (Rare), Martin Place, Glebe point road, Meadowbank

Caterpie - Circular Quay, Newtown, Bankstown, Macqurie Fields Everywhere

Charizard - Chatswood mall (rare)

Clefairy - Hyde Park (Museum Side), Surry Hills, Casla, Dural

Doduo - Petersham, Lewisham, Newtown, Cabramatta West, Surry Hills, Kogarah AKA EVERYWHERE, Macquarie Field, Auburn, Dural

Dodrio - Bankstown, Central, Five Dock, Dural, Castle Hill

Dratini - City (Hyde Park), Bondi Beach, Five Dock, Eastwood, Pyrmont Bay, Seven hills station ( under the carpark )

Dragonair - Birrong (pools)

Ekans - Circular Quay, Newtown, Bankstown, Dural, Cherrybrook

Eevee - Redfern, Bankstown, Cabramatta, Macquarie Fields, Chatswood, Rockdale, Dural, Castle Hill

Ekans - Five Dock, Bankstown, Dural, Cherrybrook

Electabuzz - Killara (pacific highway near station)

Exeggcute - Circular Quay, Kogarah, Quakers Hill (night), Macquarie Fields, Meadowbank, Moore Park, North Sydney Oval, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Fearow - Artarmon, Five Dock, Blacktown Westpoint, Castle Hill, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Gastly - Wynyard Station, Five Dock, Meadowbank, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Geodude - Circular Quay, Parramatta, Quakers Hill, Ryde, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Goldeen - Surry Hills, Auburn, Newtown, Hurstville, Luna Park, Bankstown, Pyrmont, Sydneyhem, Parramatta

Graveler - Casula, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Growlithe - Pyrmont, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Horsea- Newtown, Martin Place, Yennra, Kings langley park (off Vardys Rd. ), Auburn, Meadowbank

Hitmonlee - Surry Hills, Allawah, Dural

Ivysaur - Greenacre

Jigglypuff - Circular Quay, Auburn, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Kakuna - Miller’s Point

Kanguskhan - Waterloo (park at corner of Danks & Broome) Bunnings Dural

Krabby- Camperdown, Circular Quay, Pyrmont, Meadowbank,Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Kinglar - Five Dock Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Koffing - hatches from an Egg, Waterloo (Danks & Broome) Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Machop - Pyrmont

Magikarp - Quakers Hill, Pyrmont, Meadowbank, Hornsby Industrial area

Magnemite - Circular Quay, Five Dock Rhodes

Mankey - Pyrmont, Five Dock, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Mew - hatches from an Egg

Meowth - Frenchs Forest, Waterloo

Nidoran - Surry Hills, Camperdown, Newtown, Quakers Hill, Hyde Park, Five Dock, Parramatta, Dural,

Oddish - Newtown, Bankstown, Quakers Hill, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Onix - Quakers Hill/Acacia Gardens, Dural

Paras- Newtown, Kogarah, Pyrmont, Chatswood, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Pidgey - Miller’s Point, Surry Hills, Auburn, Pyrmont, Eastgardens, Chatswood West AKA fucking everywhere, Parramatta, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Pidgeotto - Surry Hills, Lane Cove, Parramatta, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Pikachu - Rockdale (skate park), Hornsby Industrial Area

Pinsir - Surry Hills, Kogarah, Parramatta, Five Dock, Blacktown ( sunny holt rd ), Auburn, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Poliwag/Poliwhirl - Circular Quay/Surry Hills, Chatswood creek, Hyde Park, Pyrmont, Granville, Auburn

Ponyta - Circular Quay, Birrong (soccerfield), Parramatta

Psyduck - Circular Quay, Surry Hills, Pyrmont, Meadowbank, Hornsby Industrial area

Rattata- Mascot, Eastgardens, Bankstown, Parramatta, Glenfield, Granville

Raticate - Parramatta, Blacktown Westpoint ( near K mart. )

Rhyhorn - Pyrmont, Auburn, Meadowbank, Dural

Sandshrew - Meadowbank (Rare), 5km eggs, Dural

Scyther - Auburn, Kogarah, Villawood, Granville, Castle Hill show ground

Seel - Pyrmont

Spearow - Pyrmont, Parramatta Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Slowbro - Redfern (train station?), Rhodes

Slowpoke - Pyrmont, Quakers Hill, Meadowbank

Snorlax - Cabramatta West

Squirtle - Quakers Hill, Five Dock, Glenquarie Town Centre, Auburn, Meadowbank, Frenchs Forest, Mascot, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Starmie - Cabramatta West, Five dock, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Staryu - Circular Quay, Quakers Hill (night), Cabramatta, Town Hall, Meadowbank, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Tangela - Auburn, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Tangler - Bankstown

Tentacool - Pyrmont, Meadowbank, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Vulpix - Circular Quay, Pyrmont, Hornsby

Venonat - Pyrmont, Bankstown, Macqurie Fields, Auburn, Dural, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill

Victreebel - Eastwood, Showground Castle Hill

Wartortle - Greenacre

Weedle - Circular Quay, Eastgardens, Bankstown, Guildford Everywhere

Zubat - City, Eastgardens, Artarmon, EVERYWHERE

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